A Brief Update

It has been a hot minute. Where to begin? 

Well, if you didn’t know, I work in politics. Well, worked. I was working on the Ned Lamont campaign, as well as other down ballot races in Connecticut. It was exhausting (I worked for 3 straight weeks without a day off). Ned won, Matt Lesser is now a state senator, and House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz won re-election by a mere 50 votes, and I got a chance to sleep. 

Did I do that? Of course not!

Instead, I IMMEDIATELY moved to New York City. I lived here at one point in time, but moved back home for work and other reasons.  But I once again live where I belong, and Brooklyn just got another bad bitch and now I have a Brooklyn library card (which is VERY exciting to  me). But I do not have internet yet and I haven’t fully moved in yet and it’s all been very chaotic. And throughout ALL of this I have been trying desperately to watch movies and to write. But I haven’t had a chance to do either. I saw A Star is Born at an 11am screening one Tuesday before work (not recommended. To see the movie before work, that is) and I’ve had a half written post on it in my drafts for WEEKS now that I never had a chance to finish. I have so many awards season films to catch up with that I haven’t had a chance to see. 

I had plans to do a horror movie series for Halloween. I want to do a whole series on the films of this year’s awards season. I want to do a Christmas movie or two. (I still haven’t seen A Nightmare Before Christmas!)

But instead, here’s my excuse post. 

My review of the previous versions of A Star is Born will be up within a day or two. Until then, enjoy this apology. 

Author: thefilmcatchup

21 year old queer Puerto Rican film fanatic, trying to keep up with both her love of writing and her love of film while also having a day job. A very fine line indeed.

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