2018. Good riddance.

Whether it be the continual plague of gun violence in America, the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Yemen, or the increasing likelihood that climate change will be our downfall, the year fucking sucked for most humans.

It wasn’t all bad news though. A record number of women were swept into the House, making the most diverse Congress we’ve ever seen including two Native American women, two Muslim women (including one hijabi), and now a record number of black women are in Congress, some of them from states that have never seen a black woman representative. (Full disclosure: I worked for Jahana Hayes’ campaign in Connecticut. And yes, I’m super fucking proud of her.) All this was thanks to a record turnout in a midterm election, the likes of which haven’t been seen in a century. There was also the inspiring rescue of a group of Thai boys who got stuck in a cave, we helped save a bunch of animals, including pandas and sea otters, from the brink of extinction, and this happened (try watching without crying too).

But this is a movie blog. And thank god it was an amazing year in movies.

Sure, diversity of sex is still a huge issue, but a year that finally gave Spike Lee his first ever (!!!) nomination for Best Director can’t be all bad.

So, a little late, I’m going through my favorite movies of 2018, and why I loved them.

Originally, this was going to be one big post. But I began writing about the first one, realized just how much I had to say, and then realized I still had six more films I wanted to gush about in the same vein. So, to break it up and hopefully allow better discussion, I’ll be releasing them one by one.

And now, a note before I hear any shit from any commenters.

Please read where I said my “FAVORITE” films. I didn’t say they were the best. And I certainly haven’t seen all the movies released this year. I’ll reiterate something I say seemingly every post: I’m a poor 21 year old paying rent in New York City. I don’t get free screenings (with one exception on this list) and I don’t have as much time to watch movies as professional critics. I’m merely one girl who just really likes movies, and I’m not the ultimate arbiter of quality. But of the new releases I did get a chance to watch this year, these are the ones I enjoyed watching the most.

So excited for the first post in this series.

Author: thefilmcatchup

21 year old queer Puerto Rican film fanatic, trying to keep up with both her love of writing and her love of film while also having a day job. A very fine line indeed.

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